this is me, (movember style) my name is viggo grumme and i was bourn march 11. 1969
i started doing film in 1984 at columbus film in copenhagen, and went freelance in 1988 and have been it since.
i foundet my rental company viggo firm back in 1987, it started with buying a dedo light and rent it out, buy one more rent it out and so on.
now i have 125 w. to 18 kw. hmi’s and tungsten light’s from dedo’s to 24 kw. also a lot of kinoflo, chimera, bi-colour led, portable honda genny’s
and the amasing briese lights.

give me a call, sms or mail

vendersgade 24, 5tv
1363 copenhagen k
cvr / tax number 1209 1087
tel: +45 7022 2426
mob: +45 4075 2426